Scale Gymnastics in Parker is personally my favorite Gymnastics facility. We started looking for a good place a few years back when our oldest daughter expressed interest. The first place we joined we were not happy with, it was taught by a bunch of high schoolers and after 6 months she still couldn’t do a cartwheel. So our search continued and that is when our neighbors told us about Scale Gymnastics.

Immediately when we walked in we felt the Pride this facility had for their Gymnastics teams. The entire front entry way is lined with trophies and awards. Excellent first impression. Next we toured the facility which has 2 main gyms (a big and a small) and several classes running at once. Our oldest daughter was impressed with the “tricks” that she saw the students / gymnasts doing and our youngest daughter fell in love with the whole idea.

What is great about Scale Gymnastics in Parker is they offer you a free session to see if it is even something your child will really want AND they are very good with providing multiple classes for each level so you can pick the one that is best for your schedule. They are also extremely friendly and understanding when needed. Our youngest daughter had surgery and missed an entire month of gymnastics, we were so focused on her healing that we forgot to call and let them know. After a month we returned and explained the situation and they refunded us for the month we missed. That in my book is AMAZING! They really are a family oriented facility focused on keeping their Parker Families happy.

Now, the gymnastics part of this – my daughters have been going there for almost a year and we are so impressed. My oldest can now do a 1 handed cartwheel and is rocking the beam and bars. She is hoping to move up to level 2 by the end of the year & audition for the team by next spring and our youngest daughter has already moved up a class and is working on her back bends now.  Each class is taught by a certified, adult, gymnast who are all in my opinion very professional and they provide just enough push to get the girls where they need to be.

So overall if you are in the hunt for a great Parker Gymnastics place but you aren’t quite sure if you can trust the google reviews or want some insight before you join, then I fully recommend Parker Scale Gymnastics.

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