Where are they located?

Poor Richard’s Book Shoppe is located right in the heart of Downtown parker. It is the best Parker Book Store in our opinion.


What types of books do they sell?

Poor Richards Book Shoppe is a Small, family owned bookstore. They carry a variety of used books as well as some new books. If you have gently used books that you’re not reading anymore then you can go an trade them in for store credit which is great if you love to read like I do, but don’t always want to spend a fortune on new books.

Plus, they are one of the only Parker Book Stores so they get a lot of great books traded in.


How are they different from the library?

Someone once asked me “So its like the library then?”  Whoa… There is nothing comparing in Poor Richards Book Shoppe and the Parker Library simply for the fact that you own the books you leave with at Poor Richards. You literally go shopping here for books and some collectable items. Whereas the Library, you borrow the books there and have a deadline to bring them back.


Overall, we love spending a quiet afternoon here rummaging through the books and finding the perfect ones to add to our collection. That is why they are our top pick for the best Parker Book Store.