Parker Chinese Food: As far as Chinese Food in Parker, Cherry Village is our First Choice! Cherry Village Chinese food is located off of Lincoln & Jordan in the King Soopers Mall.

So, lets talk Parker Chinese Food. As far as we are concerned this place has it all! We eat Lunch there on average at least 1x a week. When you walk in you are greeted immediately and usually sat promptly as well.  The servers are very attentive and start you off with some authentic Chinese crackers with dipping sauces (the mustard has quite the punch so tread lightly).

The Lunch menu they offer is the perfect amount of food. It comes with a cup of soup, a main dish, a generous side of fried rice, a crab cheese wanton and an egg roll ended with the must have fortune cookie. Every time we get this lunch menu I feel completely satisfied when we leave, it is not too much nor too little food, its just perfect.  The food tastes delicious too! I have had a lot of chinese food over the years (who hasn’t right?) and this is my favorite to date and I love that it is a local Parker Chinese Food Restaurant.

They also offer authentic Asian Cuisine like Pho and other tasty Asian delicacies.  And although I personally have not tried their other Asian offerings, I do know that if they taste 1/2 as good as the Lunch Chinese menu then it too will be delicious!

They also offer to-go orders which is very convenient for when we are running late or I forgot to plan out a dinner.  The only thing we have noticed is they do get very busy on the weekdays from Noon to about 2pm and at night from 5 to 7pm and on the weekends from 4 to 9pm.  Still even when they are busy they are fast at getting everyone their orders.  Overall this local business is one that we love & hope you will as well.

Oh and did I mention they deliver too?  Here is the link to their website for online menu and ordering information:

Did you have a good experience at this Parker Chinese Food place or any other Parker Chinese Food place? We want to know about it!