So we are always up to trying new things, especially in Parker. We absolutely LOVE sushi, it is probably our favorite meal and so we of course tried Junz in Parker which is Amazing Parker Sushi!

Overall Junz is a fantastic place to dine. The atmosphere when you first enter is very friendly and upbeat which creates a cool dining experience.  We usually sit at the Sushi Bar unless we have the whole family with us. The Sushi chefs are very funny and make a show out of preparing the Sushi which is fun to be a part of. Parker has a few Sushi places and although they are all delicious we are more inclined to go to Junz on a date night then any of the other places.

From their website we learned that [The owner was Born in Tokyo Japan, owner and chef, Jun Makino learned the art of Japanese cuisine from an early age with both of his parents owning separate Japanese restaurants. Professionally trained by French chef Jean-Louis Palladin, Jun brings his heritage of Japanese food with his passion for French cuisine to bring “A unique blend of Japanese and French at its very best”.]

They offer a variety of “Special Rolls” that are unique to this restaurant. Some of those are the Rock n’ Roll, The Parker Roll, and one of our favorite rolls is the Junz Roll! They are delicious and have so much flavor. You will love them too!

So here is more on Junz. They are located off of Twenty Mile and Main Street behind Panera Bread. Here is their website:

We hope to see you there on our next Date Night!