If you are looking for Parker Cupcakes Stores then I suggest Nomelie Cupcakes. Have you ever had a cupcake so delicious that you wanted to eat it every day (if you didn’t gain all the weight)?  Well I have and let me tell you, as far as I am concerned this place is the best I have ever eaten!  I have made my own cupcakes for years and am even what some would call a cupcake snob so much so that when we travel on vacations I HAVE to try a local cupcake and this place STILL is my favorite.

So lets talk about why they are my favorite. First of all, they are a local Parker shop (yay!) so if you’re looking for Parker Cupcakes then “check”. Second, their frosting is so creamy, and not too sweet but still satisfying. Third the cakes themselves are the perfect blend of flavor & consistency. AND they offer unique flavors like Mexican Hot Chocolate or the Sweet & Salty (which is my personal favorite).  What’s also great is they offer different flavors on different days so they quantities are not overwhelming and everything is fresh.  The rewards program they have is pretty sweet too, you get a stamp each time which leads up to free cupcakes after 10 stamps BUT they also have a rewards program that gives discounts, free cupcakes, free frosting shots…. the list goes on and those come randomly throughout the month. Its like getting a present via text. ?

Besides the actual cupcakes lets talk about the store & its atmosphere.  The store is located right in the heart of downtown Parker on Main Street, when you walk in you feel like your walking into Grandma’s house and kitchen. It features a few traditional dining room tables with the classic chairs, it has a play area for the kids with a kids size dining room table as well.   The best part is they serve your cupcakes on real china with real silverware.  The decor, the friendly staff, and the phenomenal cupcakes is why Nomelie Cupcakes is by far, hands down, my favorite Parker Cupcakes store.

Did I mention they cater too? Here is their website for more information on everything they offer along with their menu:


Did you have another experience with Nomelie cupcakes or with a different Parker Cupcakes shop? I want to hear about it!

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