Discovery Park is one of Parker’s newest attractions. In the summertime it features an in ground water playground, a concert hall and a giant jacks game (not for playing but fun to play around) and in the winter they have a full ice skating rink!

So we decided to take the kids over there for a day of fun and it seriously was fun. The in ground water playground had our kids entertained for hours. They were dancing across the water trying not to get blasted, running, skipping, and even purposely putting their faces next to the holes. It was so much fun to watch and we were laughing out loud with how many times they were soaked.

What’s great about Discovery Park is it is right in the heart of Parker off of Main street & pine drive directly in front of the new Parker library. It is free to go and play and the parents can sit back and enjoy some suntime. Also, since it is downtown, after playing you can walk Mainstreet and get some icecream, cupcakes, food or anything else.

At night the water playground has led lights that are rainbow color so the kids can watch the pretty colors combined with the water. It is a great addition to Parker and I know we will be returning! We hope to see you there and if we do, please come and say Hi! ūüôā

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New Discoveries of Parker

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